Sundsby hiking trails.

Last weekend we went on a short hike to a nearby hiking trail at Sundsby (Mjörn the small island that connects Tjörn and Orust) with spectacular views. Pictured below is the full trail, because I am still having issues with my knee, we took the route of Point 1 – 5, or maybe it was 1 – 2 – 5, I am not very good at these things and I just rambled through the paths following like a little duckling so I am not quite sure. What ever we did, we saw the most beautiful views and only missed out on the caves that were a bit further on past the summit (which I would like to come back for once my knee is a bit better, and I can last some more rugged and longer hikes). Although, I was kindly reminded of my (minor?) stress in New Zealand on Rangitoto Island when I refused to go through the caves. Then went in. Then backed out again around a group of small children. Then went in again. And then finally followed through with it. I am pretty sure that the caves in Sweden aren’t quite as cavernous and claustrophobic as those of New Zealand, so I am sure I will be fine…


The hike started with beautiful yellowing forests, but soon turned into the signature rocky terrain of the area, and I tested my knee (and short legs) by scrambling up paths that did not look like paths trying to keep up with a boyfriend who is a foot taller than me, with legs to match. At this point, I was reminded that this was the correct occasion to wear my hiking boots (and not on the gravel and concretes roads as I had been doing, probably causing my knee injury), and perhaps my runners were a bad choice today. I like to think I managed quite well, and I really enjoyed being outside surrounded by such beauty so I wasn’t even focussed on my knee at this point.


Before we reached the summit we passed picnic grounds and fishing areas, which in themselves were stunning. I thought I was hearing gun shots on the way past, but apparently the kids fill their juice boxes with air and pop them (Bambi is safe, phew!).


As mentioned and looking below you can see that there is not too much in the way of paths. As we got higher, the scrub and vague paths disappeared completely and we made our way up the big rocks to the summit. I swear these photos do not do the height justice at all.


And, when you visit a Pride Rock-esque location you can’t not pay your respects to Simba and his pride. I was actually the first selection to play the part of Simba, however having a Rafiki who thinks it is hilarious to pretend to push you, stumble, or lean over the edge of some very high rock formations, meant that the understudy (aka little Anello backpack) got to play the part on this occasion – it did a good job if I do say so.

We wandered around the area, took in the scenery, listened for trolls (pretty sure we heard some), and I clung to the back of the rocks near the edge and got laughed at. We slowly headed back down, stopping for sandwiches on the way down a little below the summit. Unfortunately I was in a bit of pain on the way down, so I had a few Disney princess type lifts down scraggly paths and rocks. However, it was a wonderful day out in the Swedish nature, the sun even shone and it was a beautiful Spring day of 10 degrees.

You can read a little more about the area and hiking trails here;

Hiking – vandring
Rock – sten
Cave – grotta
Island – ö
Nature – natur
Sandwich – smögås
Lunch – lunch


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