Toftenäs vandringsled.

I love to go for walks. I could walk for hours and hours, whether it be around cities or amongst nature. At home, I will always choose to walk around the CBD in Melbourne, and hardly ever get the trams even though they are free, it is just something I enjoy doing. I think it is partly people watching and taking in my surroundings, and partly some good reflection/me time (and maybe of late it has something to do with my new Fitbit obsession).

I go for a walk almost every day now, sometimes just 30-45 minutes up and down the main road and bike/walking path nearby, and sometimes further down some side roads. Hurting my knee has really frustrated me – it has really put a limit on my abilities. It is definitely improved, but the downhill incline and too much up and down still affects it.

The local community website (Tjörn kommun) is a treasure trove of local activities of all sorts (this is how I found out about, and booked tickets for Skönheten och odjuret aka Beauty and the Beast). I cannot wait for my knee to improve and get into some of the longer bikes rides and more rigorous hikes (right now getting stranded with a dodgy knee and a bike in the middle of no where in 6 degrees is not too appealing).

As mentioned previously, I am pretty bad at following maps and directions. I am unsure if I went the right way on this venture to Toftenäs foothpath (the more I think about it, the more I suspect that I was supposed to go further down another little gravel road, so I will have to visit again and update you), but I was quite worried that I was accidentally walking into people properties or personal driveways.



After a while of potentially just meandering around peoples farms, I headed back to the main road and kept walking further up, determined to view something a little more exciting (although I did see a sheep scratching its butt on a tree a bit like Baloo from The Jungle Book – possible highlight of my day?). However, here is where I saw some more interesting sights, so at least my venture wasn’t completely fruitless (sorry sheep). I just love the scenery near the sea here, probably because it is so different to any coastline in Australia. I have always grown up on the coast and somehow feel little claustrophobic and uneasy when I haven’t seen the ocean for a while. But I have never seen anything like the rugged shores and quaint seaside feel of the Swedish west coast.


You can find more information about Toftenäs vandringsled here;

And it might be worth my while to go back again this week or next (probably next week with the way my knee is), and assess the paths again to see what else I can find.

Beauty and the Beast – Skönheten och odjuret
Movie – film
Municipality – kommun
Walking trail – vandringsled
Coast – kust
Sheeo – får


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