Daily walks.

Here is a little snippet of my daily walks in the nearby area on Tjörn. Each day I usually walk for about 45 – 90 minutes (depending on the weather and how my knee is holding up) around the following areas.

Before I head off, I make myself a nice breakfast, which to be honest is sometimes more of a brunch. My usual go-to meal is oats made with water, plus half a banana and a generous sprinkling of cinnamon mixed in (or should I say gröt med banan och kanel). The oats are so thick and creamy, I wish I was eating this kind of oats back home!


If I want to get a little fancy, cos who wants to eat the same food every day, I spice it up with an egg dish. The eggs are stunning here, I can’t get over the gorgeous colour of the yolks. Here we have potato rosti and fried egg that I made a few days ago – YUM!


So once a meal is under my belt, off I go (well maybe not that quick – you do need to sort out your sweater, jacket, scarf, beanie and gloves before leaving). Walking out of the house leads to a gravel road, I often take a loop around the houses and stables before I head out on to the main road and bike/walking path. There were some bulls here recently, but they seem to have been moved on. They were super friendly, and would let you pat them and feed them hay. They were very soft, and I would give them a little pat each time I walked past them. The first time I saw them, I was worried they might be meat cows and I felt sad for them. But I found out they are quite the opposite – they lead a very fulfilling lives eating and making babies for a living. Looks like I stumbled across their bachelor pad.


After looping around the gravel roads and farm houses, I usually walk out on the main road bike/walk path one way or another. One direction leads into Skärhamn, the main town on the harbour (where the big supermarket – ICA – we shop at is located). Because I can’t see or hear the ocean, I often forget that we are actually living on an island and are quite close to the water. It isn’t until I hear the familiar call of a sea bird that I remember if you drive about 10 minutes in most directions, you’ll find water.

A slightly different and longer route towards Skärhamn (the way the bus goes) takes you past the Toftenäs area I mentioned in a previous post, and gives you a glimpse of water. Whenever walk past I forget that it is actually the ocean and not a lake, for me seeing the ocean means sand, waves and white foam, while this water is still and blue grey.

Walking in either direction towards Skärhamn requires you to walk on the side of the road as the path ends shortly after leaving the house and doesn’t start up again until you almost reach the town. I have been taught to always walk on the left so that you see the cars coming towards you and move appropriately.


If you choose to walk in the other direction, you head deeper into the island away from the harbour, and back towards the mainland. Here there is some fun art along the paved section and a nice walk via a big windmill and some sheep. I am unsure of the meaning of the art work, but there is a bicycle path network and map available for the island (looking forward to checking out some of these), and it is of course an island so seafood is plentiful – so maybe they’re kinda proud of their active lifestyle and delicious seafood?


The weather, although it has just moved into Spring has been quite dreary and misty the past few days. Yesterday I could hardly see out across the paddocks from the mist for the whole day. I didn’t even leave the house. It has been raining most days too. Hopefully the weather subsides and I can get out and about again without getting too wet, and show you some more sights.

Breakfast – frukost
Oats – havre
Porridge – gröt
Banana – banan
Cinnamon- kanel
Walk (the activity, not the action) – promenad
Cow – ko
Fish – fisk
Bicycle – cyckel
Island – ö
Art – konst


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