A new direction.

Earlier last week I decided to walk in a new direction. I didn’t want to walk along the main road, or hear the cars (considering we don’t live in the city, I thought I would take advantage of the quiet and nature).

I set off in a new direction, checking Google Maps on my phone every now and then to see that the road continued and then kept walking. The hard part here is that you can never tell how big a road is, or if it is sealed from looking at Google Maps. Pinpointing a spot on the road won’t always give you an image of the area in a lot of places off the main roads either. I passed what I assume are some small holiday houses, and a series of horse jumps, and then upon turning into the road that looked to go on for the longest on Google maps – I found myself on a small gravel road. I was sure that it was hardly big enough for me and a car at some points, but thankfully none came so I didn’t have to test that out. It became quite eerie at some points, and if it weren’t for the fact that I was walking on a man-made road and the occasional electrical pole or house in the distance, I would have second guessed as to whether I had wondered in to the outskirts of a forest. The scenery and plants are so different to home, and have that fairy tale forest quality that we just don’t have in Australia. I turned off my podcast and continued the walk in silence, only turning around to head back home once I had reached another fork in the road – I decided to tackle that next time.


Car – bil
Tree – träd
Piano – piano
Forest – skog


2 Replies to “A new direction.”

  1. Looks like a great walk to get totally lost in (mentally, rather than geogrpahically!) I only recently (last weekend) discovered co-pilot.. not sure if you’ve used it? Free Map App that doesn’t require connection.
    Love the piano – did you try to play it…?

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