On Fridays we eat tacos.

Let me explain fredagsmys. Fredagsmys is the end of the working week celebration enjoyed by all Swedes. Every Friday evening, they will eat an indulgent dinner (preferably tacos) with soda (or alcohol) followed by treats like chips, cookies, ice cream and candy while cosied up on the couch watching TV. Apparently this tradition extends beyond even living in the country. I have a Swedish American friend who was only allowed to eat chips on Fridays (even though she spent majority of her childhood growing up in America and not Sweden).

On Fridays I have the very important (and stressful) role of deciding what to make for fredagsmys and then ride to the store to buy all the essentials. Fredagsmys is a tradition I can whole heartedly embrace, and while I am not even working at the moment, it is certainly my favourite time of the week

Here is a little extra to express all that is fredagmys;

The most amazing fredagsmys song;

Recipe page on ICA’s website (like Coles) specifically for fredagsmys recipe ideas;

And my favourite, the floor decoration in the ‘Tex Mex’ aisle at ICA;


Friday – fredag
Soda/soft drink – läsk
Mexican – mexikansk
Love (verb) – älskar
Everyone – alla


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