Spring has sprung!

It was a glorious spring day yesterday (until exactly 19:50 when it began pouring, ten minutes before my bus arrives home – of course. Looks like Melbourne weather has followed me), so I headed into Göteborg a few hours before my class at Folk Universitet to enjoy the city and have lunch in Haga.

Every where I turned there were locals sprawled out over park benches in gardens and church yards, and in outside cafe seating like lemurs praying to the sun. I’ve realised now that even though the actual temperature may not be very high (I was still in my down jacket, gloves and scarf), the sun is always warming in Sweden and well worth getting outside for even if you’re still in your winter woollies.

My school is located very close to Haga and Jörntorget, so even though my bus/train time doesn’t match up with my classes, I can leisurely stroll to class via some wonderful city scenary. Yesterday the cherry blossoms were out in full force at Jörntorget, along with an Italian food market and plant sale.


Tuesday – tisdag
Thursday – torsdag
University – universitet
Italian – italiensk
People – folk
(City) square – torget


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