Being a child again.

I was chatting with my classmates a few days ago, describing how I feel like a child again. Every little social experience seems like an incredible feat. Thankfully I’m not the only one, and we shared some great laughs about picking up one or two words per sentence and hoping we’re not agreeing to marry someone’s first born child or offering to help them move house tomorrow. Here are some of our every day favourites;

Topping up your travel card and responding to the staff members question of how much you want to load on your card – WIN.

Going through the check out at the supermarket successfully (remember to place the separator down!) – WIN.

Getting the general idea of a tv show – WIN.

Reading a newspaper article or any signage – WIN.

Following directions – WIN.

Attempting to speak Swedish to anyone and having them respond in Swedish instead of English – WIN.

To be honest, understanding anything – WIN. WIN. WIN.

So on this topic, last week I headed into Göteborg a few hours before my class to enjoy the sunshine (I now worship the sun, whilst in Melbourne the thought of a hot day terrified me and my thighs). My university is located just across the road from the Haga district with its plethora of cafes so I had ample choice.

I chose a bustling cafe (you know it’s going to be good) with some price options written up on chalk boards out the front and outside seating (so I didn’t have to hold in my stress when I discovered the inflated trendy cafe prices). The cafe ended up being a Mediterranean deli that served up gluten free, dairy free, fair trade (and I presume vegan) delights. For 105kr (week day price) I got a plate of a small portion of all their fridge options, a small soup, a coffee (or tea), and as much free bread and water as I wanted. A complete bargain of around $AUD15 ish, especially consider a coffee can set you back about 35kr ($AUD5 ish). PLUS – I ordered in Swedish, was asked questions in Swedish, replied in Swedish and was given directions to the cutlery and water station in Swedish. ULTIMATE WIN. Granted my replies were pretty simple, and I did not understand every word in every sentence, but got damn I am proud of myself!



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