With a sunny long weekend gracing us with its presence, we celebrated the beginning of May with a delicious fredagsmys feast on Friday as usual; a spread of ribs, gruyere cheese, baguette, shrimp salad (or skagenröra) and grapes, a visit to the gym and relaxing on Saturday, a family BBQ on Sunday evening, and a visit to some nearby sites along with a mandatory fika break on Monday 1st May.

About fifteen to twenty minutes away by car from our house on Tjörn is Pilane, Klövdal. Here you can find an Iron Age settlement site and grave field dated to 0-600 AD. The grave field consists of approximately 90 ancient monuments; stone circles, standing stones and burial mounds. As I walked through the area, I couldn’t help but envision a Viking version of Outlander as I stood in the middle of stone circles and faced the standing stones, grasslands and stunning views all around me (where are you Travis Fimmel?) Something like this has little excitement to my boyfriend and probably many Swedes or Europeans, but to an Australian comprehending a site with ancient monuments is pretty amazing considering we have very little of the sort back home, especially in cities like Melbourne.

During certain times of the year sheep are grazed in the area, however the only wildlife we saw was a snake which scared the crap out of everyone – apparently it was Sweden’s one poisonous and hence very dangerous snake. To be honest, it was quite cute and to me looked like a very small harmless python – lucky I had some natives with me!

In the summer an outdoor sculpture exhibition; Skulptur i Pilane (Sculpture in Pilane) is held on the site. All year round however, you can visit the one permanent sculpture at the top of the hill and the grave field at no cost. After viewing the grave sites, we headed up towards the permanent sculpture to take in the surrounding views and enjoy fika (coffee, home made muffins and sandwiches that we had packed).


***I apologise for the poor quality photos from this trip – no idea why they are so terrible!

Sculpture – skulptur
Art – konst
Grave field – grävfält
Shrimp salad – skagenröra


3 Replies to “Pilane.”

  1. The photos are quite stunning, especially the one of the art installation and you (supposedly) in front of it and the Iron Age Settlement sounds like the kind of thing that would set off a history buff like me too. Btw Fika is one of the best cultural concepts I have carried back with me from my travel to Sweden 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much! Yes, it’s just amazing knowing what was happening in that space so many years ago, and then standing there for yourself.
      Ah fika is so wonderful! I love that having a break and a little snack is so encouraged, and not something to feel lazy or naughty about 🙂


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